Trump email series attacks Hillary Clinton over links to Denis O’Brien and Irish Government

The campaign of Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has dragged Denis O’Brien and the Irish Government into his attacks on Hillary Clinton.

Mr O’Brien was the focus of a lengthy email which was issued to the media last night headlined ‘Follow the money’.
The email is from a series issued yesterday as part of the Republican nominee’s ongoing attacks on Mrs Clinton.

There are no direct quotes from Donald Trump in the email which is part of a campaign to highlight connections between Mrs Clinton and wealthy business people and Wall Street banks during her time in office.
The emails are believed to be a response to his debate performance on Monday, after which he came under pressure from his party to issue sharper attacks on Mrs Clinton.

At a campaign rally in Wisconsin last night Mr Trump referenced the emails, however did not talk about Mr O’Brien.

Mr O’Brien has a well-publicised relationship with the Clintons.
He is listed by the Clinton Foundation as having made between $10-25m in donations to the charity as of June 2016.

The foundation, set up after the end of Bill Clinton’s Presidency in 2001, focuses on humanitarian efforts worldwide.
The Irish Government is also mentioned as part of Donald Trump’s “Follow the Money” campaign.

In another of the themed emails yesterday, the Trump campaign listed donations by foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation as one of “Ten Inconvenient Truths about the Clinton Foundation”.
It lists 19 countries that have donated to the Clinton Foundation, and Ireland is fifth on the list with donations to the Foundation falling into the $5-10m bracket over the course of the lifetime of the Foundation, up to June 2016.

The foundation was set up in the wake of Bill Clinton’s presidency in 2001. It does not detail when exactly any donations were made.

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