Irish Stock Exchange reports ‘exceptional’ year as profits rise 25pc

Trading on the Irish Stock Exchange reached record levels last year as profits at the firm increased by 25pc to €6.7m.

Revenue at the company increased by 12pc to €27.8m as the exchange increased its headcount by 20pc to facilitate its growth.
The vast majority (70pc) of the ISE’s revenue came from international business lines. Elsewhere the company grew its total assets by 17pc to €59.8m.

With 34,304 securities listed on the ISE’s markets at the end of 2015, the ISE was also confirmed by the World Federation of Exchanges to be the leading exchange worldwide for listing bonds and investment funds at year end.
ISE chief executive Deirdre Somers said the growth in profits represents an exception year for the exchange.

“We remain confident of our ability to expand our Irish and international businesses in the coming years and have increased our staff numbers and are investing in our corporate headquarters to facilitate this. While the recent decision by the UK to leave the EU presents some risks to our business it also presents some opportunities and we are confident about our future outlook.”

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